About Us

Roberto Fuenmayor arrived in Puerto Rico in 1997,  from Maracaibo, Venezuela with a suitcase full of dreams. He began his studies and decided to work for a contractor that offered service to supermarkets. This experience allowed him to realize that in Puerto Rico there was no local company that offered repair services for shopping carts.  Making the repair process very slow and expensive.
To meet this need, Roberto found Yaras Corp. in 2000. Little by little, his customers and subsequently his services increased, from just repairing shopping carts to a suite of other repair services focused on supermarkets. Due to his new-fund success and rapid growth of the company, Roberto moved the company's operation to new offices to continue giving shape and structure to the company. In which Saraí López formally joined the team, who had the task of creating the entire Administrative Department of Yaras Corp, thus facilitating the development of the company.

After the progress of Yaras Corp in Puerto Rico, Roberto and Saraí expanded to other countries and began their operations in Venezuela in 2012 and in the Dominican Republic in 2016. Yaras Corp. is committed to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico, with currently more than 40 direct employees. Their vision of expansion is promising, so they continue to seek to expand their exclusive services and products to other industries and countries.